2nd Grade Play Date @ Harvest Run Park


 This event will provide an opportunity for students to meet outside of school. In addition, allow you the chance to meet with other parents and teachers. Parents must stay with their children for this event. Teachers will attend the event to socialize and visit with parents and students. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018 11:00am

The Fall Festival was AWESOME...you can see some photos below!  Here is an overview of what is going on at ICE this week:

  • 10/16-Super Citizens and 3rd Grade Music Program
  • 10/17-Having Good Character is No Sweat!  Students, please wear your sweats this day!
  • 10/18-PICKLES & POPCORN sales for Students, 5th Grade Jean Decorating for Future Hawk Day, 4th Grade Play Date at Nickel Mania
  • 19th-5th Grade Play Date

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